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Pure Titanium Guitar Picks with unparalleled no-slip-grip.
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Do you like the look and feel of the EpicGrip? Right now, EpicGrip is small single product company, but we have big dreams for lots of other cool products. Check out the support page, join the EpicGrip Guerilla Marketing Army, spread the word and help EpicGrip achieve world domination! Send a picture of your EpicGrip from wherever you are in the world, and we'll add it in the EpicGrip Gallery!
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EpicGrip on Kickstarter
(Jun 28, 2013 - Aug 4, 2013)
What is Kickstarter and how does it work?
Thanks for an awesome campaign everyone! Kickstarter is a crowd-funding site that allows folks with good ideas to say "Hey wanna buy this thing" to six billion of their closest friends. If enough people think, "Heck yes, this thing is awesome!", and pledge to buy one, then the idea gets funded, and becomes a thing, and then everybody is happy. You DO want everyone to be happy, right? If you missed the Kickstarted campaign, you can now get your very own EpicGrip pick Right Here at the shop!