EpicGrip Is...
Just getting started...
Right now, EpicGrip is small single product company, but we have big dreams for lots of other cool products. Check out the support page, join the EpicGrip Guerilla Marketing Army, spread the word and help EpicGrip achieve world domination! Send a picture of yourself with the flier posted somewhere, and we'll add it in the EpicGrip Gallery!
Want to know more?
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Contact Me:
Right now, the website is a shoestring production. If you want to contact EpicGrip, you can do so through the wundes.com contact form, or leave a comment on the EpicGrip blog. I know, I know, this is TOTALLY not professional. Shoot me. It's late on a Thursday night, and I'm tired. I'll make something a little more official in a few days...
What Shopping Cart Technology are you using?
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And is it secure?
I'm running the cart through shopstarter because they have a solid reputation and a secure order processing system. I don't want to risk your privacy with a less-than-secure solution, so I host no personal information on this site.
Until November I will be taking pre-orders, while I ship out all the orders from Kickstarter. When those are fulfilled, I will start the queue on the epicgrip.com orders. Expect cool new stuff... Eventually. :) Thanks for your patience!