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Design - in the Real World

What is art? Heck if I know, but this is a collection of real world projects I've designed, and have for sale in my Ponoko and shapeways showrooms.
Buy my stuff, spread the word and make me famous. By the time you retire, these products will have become collectors items. Meanwhile, you'll have cool stuff to play with. Everybody wins!

Andr-oo Phone Dock for the Galaxy Nexus

Four pieces of laminated bamboo, popped together like legos, and you have this aesthetic phone dock that is right at home at work or on your bedside nightstand.

The "Hands" Corner Shelf is what FUN looks like, if it were made of furniture. The shelf is made from 5 interlocking pieces of eurolite plywood (or MDF). It mounts easily to any 90° corner with 4 drywall screws, and when it is assembled (without tools or glue) the mounting screws are hidden from view.
Universal String Beater

The Stainless Steel Plectrum is a durable, bright sounding pick. You can use it to play guitars, banjos, bass, ukuleles, mandolins, charangos and any other stringed instrument you put it to. You could say it's a Universal String Beater... Comes complete with e-z release necklace for quick access in the event of any emergency circumstance that requires a plectrum.

* do not use to pick your nose.
** The pick stores 0MB of data, and may cause your computer to puff smoke if inserted into a USB hub.
Voronoi Plectrum

Also stainless steel, but this one is printed in three-dee with nice smooth chamfered edges. Durable, nicely textured, and great sounding. These are the latest iteration of my guitar pick manuracturing obsession, and you can get one of your very own right here. Did I mention they make you look sexy?
The HexiGrip

Grippier than the Voronoi, and darn good looking in bronze too. Sadly, the 3D printing left tiny riges in the outer edge which did not help the sound. And despite the knurling, the pick was still not grippy enough, but at least it looks pretty...
The EpicGrip Titanium

The Ultimate evolution in my quest to create the perfect guitar pick. And the first pick I stand behind enthusiastically. Even grippier than the HexiGrip pick, and the first of my picks that stands a chance at being affordable, thanks to Kickstarter. So buy one already...

...more coming soon! (maybe...)